Let’s Get Together! began when two mothers volunteered in their children’s schools. After successfully introducing the schools to external student learning and well-being resources, they witnessed a profoundly positive impact within their school communities. Both parents recognized an opportunity to help other schools access valuable information to enhance engagement among parents, families, businesses and organizations.

Today, our ever-growing network of subject matter experts, businesses and organizations work to strengthen family-school-community ties and empower parents to become more engaged with their children’s education. Every child deserves the opportunity to create their own success: academically, socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We deliver resources to parents and schools through five primary vehicles:


  1. A comprehensive online learning resource centre
  2. School Council information and support
  3. Timely workshops for schools and families
  4. In-class sessions and field trips linked to the education curriculum
  5. Promoting events that support learning


Through the Community Learning HUB, Let’s Get Together! has extended learning out of schools and into the community, with local leaders delivering world class knowledge to parents and their children together. The mission – empower parents through activities that educate and enhance family well-being. Join us today!