Native Craft Workshops – Two Row Bracelet

Students will have an opportunity to learn the significance of a two row bracelet in the First Nations Culture and make their own.  Create your own bracelet using multiple beads and authentic materials!
Audience: Students (grade 6 and up)
If you want to book this workshop please complete the Registration form and the Workshop & Presentations Questionnaire below which will take about 10 minutes in total.

Our shared history provides a bedrock on which all Canadians are rooted. Come to understand the vital role of Canada’s indigenous peoples through song, dance, crafts and story-telling. Appreciate the important place that our indigenous culture has in today’s Canadian mosaic. Our presenters provide hands-on workshops that will entertain, inform and educate all Canadians on the historical importance and modern day influences of our indigenous culture.


From a very early age, Aaron Bell, Ojibway Storyteller displayed many talents in the arts.  Throughout his young life, Aaron put to paper everything he could which eventually led to Sheridan College for Classical Animation as well as Mohawk College for Graphic Arts Production.
Aaron soon realized that drawing was not what he wished to do with his life.  After leaving college, he gained employment at many First Nations organizations from the Woodland Cultural Centre to Kanata Native Traditional Village in Brantford, Ontario.  This is when his journey began to lead him into other forms of art, from acting to set design and eventually to the gifts of First Nations Storytelling…


    • The number of participants is negotiable if discussed in advance
    • All craft material will be prepared before arrival within kits and it would be appreciated if the bags are returned after workshop is completed
    • A classroom or library with desks or tables is necessary to accommodate the kits
    • All materials are either deer hide, cow hide, sinew, brass rings and plastic beads
    • Other options include choker necklaces and beaded keychains
    • Two row bracelets: $6.00 per participant
    • *rates can be lowered if more than 60 units are purchased
    • Two row bracelets: $6.00 per participant
    • *rates can be lowered if more than 60 units are purchased


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