White Pine Dancers – Concrete Path

An introduction to the song, dance and story of the First Nations people from across Southern Ontario.  
Audience: Students, Parents, Teachers
If you want to book this workshop please complete the Registration form and the Workshop & Presentations Questionnaire below which will take about 10 minutes in total.

Our shared history provides a bedrock on which all Canadians are rooted. Come to understand the vital role of Canada’s indigenous peoples through song, dance, crafts and story-telling. Appreciate the important place that our indigenous culture has in today’s Canadian mosaic. Our presenters provide hands-on workshops that will entertain, inform and educate all Canadians on the historical importance and modern day influences of our indigenous culture.


White Pine Dancers are a group of family and friends who love to share their First Nations Culture through dance, story and song. Over the past ten years, we have performed in over 300 schools across Canada and Ontario.


  • Shows are 45 minutes long with a 10 min Q&A session
  • Geared towards K – grade 4, grade 5 – 8 and secondary school students
  • Dancers bring all their own equipment and require no assistance with setup and take down
  • 300 people maximum audience

White Pine Dancers: 5 performers, $950/hour
For an additional cost add a Blue Stone Cloud Drum Perfomance (2 singers, $375/hour)

Travel Costs (additional)

  • $30 for London, Mississauga, Toronto, Richmond Hill;
  • $40 – 50 for Barrie, Orillia, past London and Scarborough,
  • $35 to St. Catherine and Niagara Falls
  • if your area is not listed, please contact us for a quote.


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