Get Organized – Exam/Test Strategies for Parents and Students

An interactive workshop for parents and students (grades 7 and up) that includes strategies for parents to boost the children’s confidence and competence as exam season nears. Understanding the distinction between term work and final evaluations. Effective review and subject specific study strategies. Making the most of in-class and at-home review time. Creating a review sheet, a review schedule and schedule for exam week(s). Tips for exam day and exam writing time. Study schedule templates to use and re-use for future exam sessions
Audience: Parents and Students (Grade 7 and up)
If you want to book this workshop please complete the Registration form and the Workshop & Presentations Questionnaire below which will take about 10 minutes in total.


Every child is unique and every child has a different learning style. Our presenters will guide students and parents alike, to understand their own unique learning style. Join in lively discussions that focus on skills development, organizational tips and 21st Century learning skills. Our presenters deliver interactive workshops that take the theoretical and apply it to real life.


Ewa (Eva) Kasinska is an enthusiastic and devoted (Ontario Certified) Teacher, in the area of Intermediate and Senior Mathematics. She believes that combining humour, patience and passion for math with high expectations leads to wonderful results.

After over 20 years of active classroom experience and 5 years as vice-principal and principal of a private school, she is now focusing on private tutoring and study coaching as well as public speaking to promote numeracy. Having spent years sharing her passion for the subject, she impacted generations of students,  many of whom shone in math competitions, while others were proud to have overcome their math phobias.

Her  genuine love of the subject allows her to broaden each topic with historical connections, anecdotes, real-life applications and enrichment opportunities.. Receptive to general attitudes–the anxiety and apprehension many feel towards mathematics–she is committed to positively impacting the community and improving children’s and adults’ numeracy skills.


  • Length of workshops and presentations: 2 hours
  • Cost of workshop or presentation: $350 
  • Equipment:  projector and screen required for laptop hook-up
  • Worksheets and writing supplies for participants provided
  • One month of lead time before booking is requested
  • Grocery Shopping workshop would take place on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday


“Ewa was the teacher that was most directly responsible for my success. Ewa is the type of person who has a profound impact on the people who are lucky enough to find themselves in her classroom. She is the best teacher I ever had.”