No Praise Junkies In This House

Praise has now been shown to be counterproductive to children’s self-esteem.   Given with the best of intentions, praise can actually lead to more challenging behavior and undermine the life goals we have for our children.  How can I keep my child from becoming a “praise junkie”?  Learn how to be a more encouraging parent and help your child reach his true potential.
Audience: Parents, Caregivers
Grant: Parents Reaching Out
If you want to book this workshop please complete the Registration form and the Workshop & Presentations Questionnaire below which will take about 10 minutes in total.

Never has there been a tougher role, that is at one time, so demanding and then the next time, so rewarding. A job so important, yet with so little training – further complicated by a cacophony of opinion and thought gurus all shouting the latest buzz words at you. Cut through the marketing clutter in these fun, engaging workshops. Learn how to cope with different behaviours of your child. Pick up tips on how to deal with different issues as your children progress from adolescents to teenagers. Come away empowered with new knowledge and new skills to be the best parent you can be.


Doone is an Adlerian Parenting expert and a Principal at Parenting Network Inc. She is in demand as an international speaker on parenting, giving keynotes, school and corporate talks and media appearances at leading organizations. She recently presented at the Academy of Management (Vancouver), ONSAP (Toronto), NASAP (Chicago and Philadelphia), CCC Alliance (New York City) and le club b (Toronto) conferences. 

Doone is a co-author of Raising Great Parents, How to be the Parent Your Kids Need You to Be. An authoritative speaker, coach and facilitator, Doone has influenced hundreds of parents through her participative lectures, courses and private consultations. 

Doone is the mother of four and lives with her husband in Toronto.

Doone recently spoke on CTV News, which can be viewed here and was interviewed for an article on Talk Radio AM 640Is is tougher than ever to be a kid in 2016?

Beverley Cathcart-Ross is a leading parenting expert, founder of Parenting Network and an in demand international speaker. She is a co-author of the book – “Raising Great Parents: How to Become the Parent Your Child Needs You to Be”. 

Hailed “Toronto’s top parenting guru” by Toronto Life Magazine, Beverley has been helping parents for over 25 years through her courses, speaking engagements and private practice. She has a practical approach for dealing with everything from toddler tantrums, to teen showdowns. Her advice can be found in many magazines, such as Today’s Parent, Canadian Family, and Chatelaine. 

Beverley credits her keen and humorous insights to her life as a mom being raised by her four children.


  • Presentation format:there is a core program of 8 different talks that can be presented to parents. The interactive presentations are 1-1.5 hours long, with time for Q & A, in the day or the evening.
  • Workshop cost:$500, two or more talks booked together is $450
  • Eligible for Parents Reaching Out Grant (application content provided).
  • Target age group:parents of children of all ages. Groups can be combined but ideally the workshops are for parents of children 10 & under and parents of pre-teens/teens.
  • Setup/take down time is about 10 minutes
  • No special requirements for floor space or height
  • No maximum number of participants
  • Comprehensive soft-copy handouts and a promotional flyer are provided
  • Equipment and material: Parking space and laptop requested, flipchart and Powerpoint presentation will be shared
  • A lead time of a month in advance is requested for booking



“Doone, this course has made more of a difference than you could imagine. It’s so logical – I am a disciple!” 


“I cannot recommend Parenting Network’s program more highly. I’ve heard countless parents praise the program’s ability to hone skills that promote harmony, trust, self-directed decision-making and communication in the home.”


“We just wanted to say thanks so much for all your sound advice. We always feel so much better and more empowered after talking with and listening to you.”