Jax’s Story – Book Talk

Aaron Bell, Ojibway Storyteller will share stories from the book as well as read his favourite, (or the students’) favourite chapters from the book in an entertaining and educational engagement!

Through the story’s and teachings of our ancestors, Jak begins to realize how to deal with the problems of today.  When a construction crew begins to cut down the trees of the ravine, Jak realizes he has to do something to save the beings that have been in the ravine for thousands of years!

Audience: Parents, Caregivers, Students
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Help your children embrace a love of reading through our fun and powerful workshops. Instill that ever illusive, love of learning in your child through these unique workshops. Unleash their inner creative genius through presenters that are inspiring and engaging. You and your children will become more familiar with tools to improve comprehension, creative writing and reading literacy.


From a very early age, Aaron Bell, Ojibway Storyteller displayed many talents in the arts.  Throughout his young life, Aaron put to paper everything he could which eventually led to Sheridan College for Classical Animation as well as Mohawk College for Graphic Arts Production.
Aaron soon realized that drawing was not what he wished to do with his life.  After leaving college, he gained employment at many First Nations organizations from the Woodland Cultural Centre to Kanata Native Traditional Village in Brantford, Ontario.  This is when his journey began to lead him into other forms of art, from acting to set design and eventually to the gifts of First Nations Storytelling…

Aaron has shared his gifts of First Nations storytelling to critical acclaim from both teachers and students. His engagements are entertaining as well as educational. His presence captures the imaginations of all audience members, young and old, through his use of voice, stage awareness and confidence. The true art form of the First Nations Storyteller is realized within his presentations. One thing that distinguishes Aaron from other performers is his true caring within what he is doing. From the moment Aaron takes to the stage, audience members are immediately aware something special is going to happen.

His travels have led him on many paths throughout his life, but this is what he loves to do… which is share the teachings and the culture of the First Nations people of Southern Ontario with those who wish to learn through the magic of the spoken word, drama and humour.


  • All engagements will take place in one area, i.e. a gym or library
  • A separate area for changing into regalia should be made available, separate from students and teachers.
  • Chilled bottled water should be made available both before, during and after the engagements.
  • Presenter will arrive 30-60 minutes in advance


  • One hour engagement: $250.00 + travel
  • Half day engagement: (2 hours) $450.00 + travel
  • Full Day engagement: (4 hours) $550.00 + travel


  • $30 for London, Mississauga, Toronto, Richmond Hill;
  • $40 – 50 for Barrie, Orillia, past London and Scarborough,
  • $35 to St. Catherine and Niagara Falls


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