School Councils: It Takes a Village

Every school must have a school council, it is the law, governed under Ontario Reg. 612. The purpose of the school council is “through the active participation of parents, to improve pupil achievement and to enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.” as outlined in section 2(1).

This two-hour interactive workshop is intended for parents and school staff and looks into the nuts and bolts of an effective school council, including:

  • membership requirements, roles and responsibilities and term of office
  • setting goals and priorities
  • bylaws
  • running effective meetings
  • establishing channels of communication
  • accountability and fundraising
Audience: Parents, Caregivers
Grant: Parents Reaching Out
If you want to book this workshop please complete the Registration form and the Workshop & Presentations Questionnaire below which will take about 10 minutes in total.


The importance of parent engagement with their child’s school cannot be overstated. School Councils are the best vehicle for your voice to be heard, however unstructured; they can be a source of frustration and conflict. Our workshops will provide practical strategies and making your school council both effective and representative.

Come away with real tools to bring back to your school council…tools, that will strengthen the council and ensure it operates in an efficient and effective manner.


Jocelyn is a parent volunteer and education advocate with lofty ideas. She is a strong proponent of raising digitally-responsible children.

It’s hard to imagine but at one time, her presence in school council meetings were frowned at as council members find her approach to managing meetings too structured. Little they knew that her years of experience and expertise as corporate board liaison comes in to play when running school councils.

She had been a council secretary, a co-chair, a communications committee lead, an events volunteer and a grant seeker and writer for her children’s schools.

To learn more about Jocelyn, visit


  • Length of a workshops: 1.5 – 2 hours, including a Q & A period
  • Workshop cost: $500
  • Eligible for Parents Reaching Out Grant (application content provided)
  • It has an interactive format that requires Wi-Fi access.
  • Handouts will be provided for parents and staff


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