E-Book Workshop

  • Author/Illustrator will discuss the process of creating a print book versus e-book.
  • Children will be exposed to original art work, electronic art work, print proofs (drafts), press proofs, electronic proofs, final products, etc. 
  • Students will create an e-book which will be published through Dance In The Rain Publishing.
Audience: Students (Grade 1-3)
If you want to book this workshop please complete the Registration form and the Workshop & Presentations Questionnaire below which will take about 10 minutes in total.

Our Tech and Social Media workshops are designed to inspire and empower parents to explore and harness the power of digital technology and social media tools to make their families more tech savvy and to support their children’s success in the ever-changing digital world. 

Developed for parents who are just starting on their digital journey, the hands-on workshops will focus on introducing new technologies and tools, showcasing their use and benefits as well as potential risks, and providing practical tips and activities to take home. The workshops can be offered together or individually.




Josephine Vaccaro-Chang is the author/illustrator of the popular children’s book titled, “We Are Colourful Friends.”  Her favourite colour is purple and she likes to do arts & crafts.
Josephine holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Toronto and is a certified Teacher of English as a Second Language.  She lives in Richmond Hill, ON (Canada) with her amazing family and colourful friends.


  • maximum of 30 children
  • Teacher and ECE (or volunteer) will lead one group of approximately 10 children in reading and acting out the individual pages of the book
  • Length of workshop:  approximately 60 minutes. Maximum of 3 workshops per day
  • Set-up:  Approximately 10 minutes, in a JK/SK classroom
  • Clean-up:  Approximately 5 minutes
  • Ideally an easel and table to layout materials is required. (If an easel is not available the wall can be used.)
  • All other materials will be provided by the presenter
  • Private office or space to store Ruby (approximately 3′ width x 3′ length x 6′ height)  

Pricing per school for 2016 – 2017 school year

  • Includes 1 copy of book for school library + 1 copy of book for each class
  • $169 for 1st workshop
  • Each additional class is $115 (fees include materials)
  • Books offered at wholesale cost $5.00 (retail price $7.00).
    If students’ names are provided 3 or more days in advance then the author will personally inscribe each book with a note encouraging the child to read the book to his or her family
  • 2 or more weeks of lead time for booking is requested


“It was a fantastic presentation. Josephine was terrific with the kids and they were so engaged.”
FDK Teacher, St. Charles Garnier CES (YCDSB)

This is the best day ever!!
SK Student, Dixon Grove PS (TDSB), April 2016

It’s a good workshop when students don’t ask to go to the bathroom.  None of them asked. It was a great presentation!

SK Teacher, Dixon Grove PS (TDSB), April 2016