Game-Based Learning – a 21st Century approach to learning at home and in the classroom

As schools are putting in more effort to use educational games to engage students in classrooms, some parents may not feel comfortable or understand the concept of game-based learning.  Understanding what game-based learning is the first step for parents to recognize and appreciate how many students learn today and the role they can play in raising a responsible 21st Century Learner.  In this one hour workshop, parents will learn:

  • how game-based learning can engage children to learn along with the pros and cons
  • the challenges educators face with game-base learning
  • how parents can help ensure their children get the most out of this new approach to learning
  • a hands-on opportunity to play an educational online game that is offered in schools with their children

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Audience: Parents, Caregivers
Grant: Parents Reaching Out

Our Tech and Social Media workshops are designed to inspire and empower parents to explore and harness the power of digital technology and social media tools to make their families more tech savvy and to support their children’s success in the ever-changing digital world. 

Developed for parents who are just starting on their digital journey, the hands-on workshops will focus on introducing new technologies and tools, showcasing their use and benefits as well as potential risks, and providing practical tips and activities to take home. The workshops can be offered together or individually.




Jane Ji


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