Building Literacy Through Yoga (Curriculum Linked)

This fun and playful 25 minute workshop builds literacy through Yoga and is geared towards preschoolers and kindergarteners.  Participants get to experience the letters of the alphabet through corresponding yoga poses. In addition, they will also have an opportunity to explore the life cycle of plants or animals through yoga poses.  We use songs, props and visuals to appeal to different learner profiles making it an educational and engaging experience.

Program Benefits:

  • Build Language Literacy skills
  • Build Physical Literacy
  • Curriculum Linked
  • Build Social Skills
Audience: Parents, Caregivers, Students, Teachers
Grant: Parents Reaching Out
If you want to book this workshop please complete the Registration form and the Workshop & Presentations Questionnaire below which will take about 10 minutes in total.


Our wellness workshops are designed to help educate and guide everyone towards achieving optimal health. Wellness is something we intentionally build together with our families, schools, communities and workplaces, through the choices we make. Our hope is through these workshops, we begin to raise awareness, start conversations and find the solutions and tools that empowers each one of us to take a more active role towards building a healthier and more inclusive community for all. 


Ummul has grown up with yoga and has been actively sharing and teaching yoga to her own kids and within her community since 2010.  She has been teaching Yoga to families, parents and children at public and private schools, libraries, parenting centres and at her local studio, YogaVision.  

Ummul is a yogi and mom to 3 wonderful and active boys and a former marketing executive.  When her children were young, they turned to yoga and mindfulness to help their family through through a personal crisis.  Reflecting on the positive changes that they experienced, at an emotional and physical level, she embarked on her mission to share the joy of Yoga with other children and families.


  • Minimum booking: 1 Hour (2 sessions of 25 mins. each): $250
  • Half Day (3 hours): $750
  • Full Day (6 hours): $1150
  • Setup/Cleanup is around 20 minutes
  • A large open space with no tripping hazards or other equipment in the room is required
  • Promotional material will be provided
  • 2-3 week lead time is necessary for booking
  • Maximum number of participants: 1 regular classroom with teacher(s)
  • All participants must enter and start the workshop at the same time
  • Travel surcharge may apply

Please complete the Registration form if you are interested in this workshop and the Workshop & Presentation Questionnaire so we can provide the best learning experience possible for your school community.


This is the link to the 17 hats form:
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