Learn To Sleep Well Again

Kids sleeping through the night while you lie awake waiting for sleep to come?
Are you ready to take back control of your sleep?
Research has shown cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) to be a highly effective form of treatment for adults with persistent sleep problems. 
Sleep doesn’t have to be a struggle.
Join me for this 3 hour solution-focused workshop based on cognitive behavioural strategies. We will explore how to increase your urge to fall asleep and stay asleep, address the role of the noisy mind and learn strategies for taking back control of the insomnia brain.
You will come away with a concrete plan you can put into place that night.
Audience: Parents, Caregivers

Our wellness workshops are designed to help educate and guide everyone towards achieving optimal health. Wellness is something we intentionally build together with our families, schools, communities and workplaces, through the choices we make. Our hope is through these workshops, we begin to raise awareness, start conversations and find the solutions and tools that empowers each one of us to take a more active role towards building a healthier and more inclusive community for all.


Judith Mendoza is an occupational therapist with advanced level training in cognitive behavioural therapy.  She completed this training at McMaster University and the University of Toronto respectively. Judith has over 15 years of hospital based experience providing mental health counselling, and extensive experience providing cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia – also known as CBT-I.
Prior to starting her private practice, Judith worked at St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto where she developed an insomnia group program using CBT-I principles and provided this treatment to adults experiencing anxiety, panic, depression and chronic pain.
As a mother of 3 highly energetic children Judith fully understands the importance of good quality sleep for educators and parents alike!


  • Access to whiteboard/blackboard or flip chart paper is requested
  • Maximum number of participants: 8
  • Suitable space for 8 participants and presenter to sit in a circle or around a table
  • Promotional flyers and handouts are available
  • Lead time of 2 weeks in advance for booking is requested
  • Pricing: $60 per participant


“My sleep has dramatically improved since the workshop. I have done some research on my own about optimal sleep, but Judith taught me that many of the of the things I believed about sleep were actually myths! I spent years trying to force myself to go to sleep at 10:00 and get up at 6:00 with no success. Now I have a new sleep schedule that works for me and strategies to support me on the nights my anxiety keeps me up. Can’t recommend Judith more strongly!”
-Family Coach and Counsellor, Mother of 2